Leicester City appoints an unexpected coach

Contacted a series of famous coaches, but Leicester City decided to put their trust in the former Aston Villa, Dean Smith in an effort to stay in the Premier League.

Leicester City appoints an unexpected coach

Dean Smith was fired at the last 2 clubs

After sacking Brendan Rodgers, Leicester City still cannot find the joy of winning. In the last 2 matches, they have lost consecutively to Aston Villa and Bournemouth at the King Power Stadium. This poor result makes the 2016 champions fall to 19th place in the Premier League table and face the risk of relegation.

In that context, Leicester were forced to look for an experienced coach to replace the duo Adam Sadler, Mike Stowell. The Foxes have contacted Jesse Marsch and Rafael Benítez, but both coaches have turned down short-term jobs until the end of the season.

In the end, Leicester decided to look to Dean Smith, a coach who had failed in recent years. Dean Smith is the man who brought Aston Villa back to the Premier League in 2019 and helped this team make a strong impression in the first 2 seasons in this tournament. However, after Aston Villa splurged on shopping towards the goal of attending the European Cup, Dean Smith failed again and was fired in November 2021.

Just a week after leaving Aston Villa, Dean Smith arrived at Norwich with the task of bringing this club back to the Premier League. Here, he once again disappointed and was fired after 1 year of work with a win rate of only 28.57%.

Therefore, Leicester’s selection of Dean Smith as interim coach makes this club’s fans worried. However, The Foxes doesn’t seem to have a better choice at this point. In addition, the King Power Stadium team can put their hopes on Dean Smith’s assistant, Craig Shakespeare.

Craig Shakespeare is a household name in Leicester. He worked as an assistant coach for Nigel Pearson and Claudio Ranieri, who helped Leicester win the historic championship in 2016. After that, Shakespeare also had four months to lead The Foxes before being sacked in 2017.