Its your one stop shop for free live streaming links of every single major sport/event/tournament and match. From all football games played across europe to formula 1. UFC and Boxing, some cricket, rugby and American sports like NBA, NFLA. You will find live streaming links of all the big matches here. The website is designed in a way its automatic, there is a portal for streamers where they can post their links for any match coming up. All these links for a single match then gathered and ranked into the match thread which contains around 100+ working links. we explain more in detail below.

Total Sportek streams are illegal – try this alternative:

13:00 02-24 La Liga
14:00 02-24 Serie A
14:30 02-24 La Liga
14:30 02-24 La Liga
14:30 02-24 Bundesliga
14:30 02-24 Bundesliga
15:00 02-24 Premier League
15:00 02-24 Premier League
15:00 02-24 Premier League
15:00 02-24 Premier League
15:15 02-24 La Liga
16:00 02-24 Ligue 1
17:00 02-24 Serie A
17:30 02-24 Premier League
17:30 02-24 La Liga
17:30 02-24 Bundesliga
17:45 02-24 Eredivisie
19:00 02-24 Eredivisie
19:45 02-24 Serie A
20:00 02-24 Premier League
20:00 02-24 La Liga
20:00 02-24 Ligue 1
20:00 02-24 Eredivisie
11:15 02-25 Eredivisie
11:30 02-25 Serie A
12:00 02-25 Ligue 1
13:00 02-25 La Liga
13:30 02-25 Premier League
13:30 02-25 Eredivisie
13:30 02-25 Eredivisie
14:00 02-25 Serie A
14:00 02-25 Ligue 1
14:00 02-25 Ligue 1
14:00 02-25 Ligue 1
14:30 02-25 Bundesliga
15:00 02-25 League Cup
15:15 02-25 La Liga
15:45 02-25 Eredivisie
16:05 02-25 Ligue 1
16:30 02-25 Bundesliga
17:00 02-25 Serie A
17:00 02-25 Saudi Pro League
17:30 02-25 La Liga
18:00 02-25 Primeira Liga
18:00 02-25 Primeira Liga
18:30 02-25 Bundesliga
19:00 02-25 Eredivisie
19:45 02-25 Serie A
19:45 02-25 Ligue 1
20:00 02-25 La Liga
20:30 02-25 Primeira Liga
01:30 02-26 MLS League
17:30 02-26 Serie A
19:45 02-26 FA Cup
19:45 02-26 Serie A
20:00 02-26 Premier League
20:00 02-26 La Liga
20:15 02-26 Primeira Liga
19:30 02-27 FA Cup
19:45 02-27 FA Cup
20:00 02-27 FA Cup
20:30 02-27 Copa del Rey
17:00 02-28 Serie A
19:30 02-28 FA Cup
19:45 02-28 FA Cup
19:45 02-28 Serie A
20:00 02-28 FA Cup
20:30 02-29 Copa del Rey

Please note: All Fixtures, Results and Live Matches on this page takes the UTC time zone as standard unless otherwise stated.


TOTALSPORTEK provides free live stream links and match information for some of the biggest, live sporting events that are usually broadcast on Sky Sports and BT Sport.

To watch live matches on these TV channels, you should check our Live Football TV and follow the links to the official rights holders rather than use TotalSportek.

TotalSportek is not available legally in the UK

Are you looking for Totalsportek links to watch Soccer, Rugby, Darts, Cricket, F1 or Tennis? Trying to find TotalSportek streams to the biggest Football teams such as Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Celtic, Rangers, Barcelona or Real Madrid?

About TotalSportek

Totalsportek is a popular live football streaming website that includes matches from the English Premier League and other European games. It has recently been cloned several times and can be found at,,,,, and Users who link from Totalsportek to third party streams are unaware that they are acting illegally in the UK by accessing these matches and could be found guilty of accessing copyrighted material.

Do TotalSportek show other sports other than live football?

Yes, TotalSportek streams a variety of live sport including Rugby, Tennis, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, Golf, Snooker, MotoGP, F1 and more – they usually show these streams from their homepage that are linked within their news stories at the top of the page.

What other services do TotalSportek provide?

TotalSportek provide a news blog of all the latest sporting events, news and gossip. This is a common tactic to increase the quality of the content and helps increase rankings in Google.

Is TotalSportek down at the moment?

Due to the nature of streaming websites such as Totalsportek, they receive many DMCA notices and legal challeges from official sources, so they regularly clone their domains elsewhere to avoid being shut down. At the time of writing this article, they’ve currently got the following cloned domains –,,,, and

Is there an alternative to TotalSportek?

Instead of using TotalSportek (which come with a lot of malvertising), we would recommend that you watch live sport via a Sky Sports subscription, which allows UK users to watch Sky Sports channels.

What Live sport is currently available on Sky / BT that TotalSportek are streaming illegally?

Use our scheduling pages to find out what sport is being shown on TV today and avoid using TotalSportek in the future: