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Hello, welcome to use Free Livescores Widget page. Now, you only 1 steps, you will have a customised version of Xscores 808 on your own site. All data is provided free, fast & reliable, 24/7. is the fastest Football Livescore service and you can now integrate football live scores for free on your website or blog just by copying and pasting the below code on your website’s html source code:


My site runs on WordPress. How can I insert free livescores widget?

It is very simple. If you use the Gutenberg editor, please add the block called “Custom HTML”. You can find it in the “Formatting” section of Gutenberg blocks. Insert the widget code into that block and that’s it. If you use the Classic WordPress editor, you can add the widget code anywhere, just be sure you switch from “Visual” to “Text”.

How can I insert the widgets?

Are the football live scores widgets free?

Absolutely. You can use all of them for free. Even better, our widgets are 100% clean (no ads).

Are the football widgets updated live? is a professional information platform with real-time scores. The other widgets will update according to their own priorities, as soon as a change is detected.

My site has a lot of traffic. Can I still use the widgets for free?

Generally speaking, yes. We can handle high amounts of traffic and even big traffic spikes. There’s no need to worry even. If there’s much more traffic, then please contact us before using the widgets.